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Bathtub Drain Hair Catcher that Works with Dog Hair

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Bathtub Pet and Human Hair Catcher

Hair is your bathtub drain nemesis! There are tub drain hair strainers out there but one company has come up with a spin on the old-fashioned strainers that tend to clog with soap and sometimes float away.  We need a good drain hair catcher that catches long hair and also dog and pet hair.  We need it to be easy to clean, as well. And here it is!

Praised on Amazon.com, the TubShroom comes with over 6000 positive reviews. It comes in five colors and fits down inside the drain. Cleanup is a breeze as you just pull it out and the hair is neatly trapped inside.

This tub drain catcher is best at letting soapy water flow down the drain without clogging up small strainer holes and yet still effectively catching all that hair that soon clogs up the drain.

The TubShroom fits into standard 1 1/2″ drains (not for shower stalls) and unlike other mesh strainers, it can go weeks without cleaning due to its flow through design.


Instead of being made from cheap plastic, the TubShroom is made from silicone so it stays pliable and lasts a long, long time.

The best thing about this tub hair catcher is that it catches pet hair perfectly. No more washing the dog and clogging up the drain. Click on the image below to find out more!

Bathtub Drain Catcher that works with pets