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Are Bathtub Refinishing Fumes Dangerous?

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are bathtub refinishing fumes dangerous mask

Bathtub refinishing fumes are most certainly dangerous during the application process and immediate curing process.

Do-it-yourself bathtub refinishing kits and professional refinishing products alike are not to be inhaled or absorbed by your skin.

Proper ventilation and a proper fitting organic vapor respirator are an absolute requirement for DIY bathtub refinishing.

Wearing a dust mask should not be confused with fitting a respirator with organic cartridges.  Dust masks do not protect you from bathtub refinishing vapors.


If you are in your home during professional bathtub refinishing and you smell the refinishing fumes you should remove yourself from the area.  After the bathtub refinishing products begin to dry, the fumes from refinishing will dissipate over time.

If at any time you smell strong odors during the time that the curing process is happening, you should also remove yourself from the fumes.  Highly sensitive people should make arrangements to sleep somewhere else the evening that they have their bathtub refinished.

Proper ventilation removes the bathtub refinishing fumes and the curing fumes. During the curing process, putting a towel down at the base of the bathroom door and leaving the bathroom vent fan running can help.  (…continued on next page)