Stone-Fleck Kitchen Countertops




Hawk Industries Stone-Fleck system is one of the most amazing resurfacing products around.  First the counter top (if it is formica) gets it’s edge rounded with a router.  Primer is then applied and then a stone look of your choice is applied.  Afterwards, the surface is lightly sanded and Stone-Gard is applied over the flecks.  The Stone-Gard coating is very durable (as durable and resistant as formica) and does very well to hide knife marks made when sliding off a cutting board.  The finish dries a matte stone like glare and your friends and family will be very surprised that you didn’t have granite installed.  At $16.00 per square foot this procedure will definitely save you money.  Contact us today for a free in-home estimate complete with samples you can see and feel.

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Stone-Fleck Color Choices

Edmond Bathtub Refinishing - Edmond, OK - Stone-Fleck Color Chart

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