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Q:  We are remodeling our bathroom.  At what stage should the bathtub be refinished?
A:  The bathtub should be the very last job of the remodel.  All plumbing, tile work and flooring should be completed first.  Masking the bathroom during the bathtub refinishing process could pull new paint or wallpaper, so it is possible to paint afterwards if the newly refinished tub is protected.  For best results the gap between the new tile and/or flooring and the bathtub should be left open and caulked or (ideally) grouted after the tub has been refinished.

Q:  The area around our tub drain is rusted out.  Can this be repaired?
A:  Yes.  Find out more here…

Q:  How long does resurfacing last?
 With the proper cleaning and care of your tub you are looking at 12-15 years before you start to get fading from normal use.

Q:  Should I just replace my tub, tile, vanity or countertop?
A:  Call us for more information on this topic, we would be happy to give you an honest answer.  Typically the answer is no, however, if you are doing the work yourself the costs would obviously come down.  If your having a contractor do the work then resurfacing is by far the most economical option.  The only exception here is kitchen sinks.  Go ahead and replace it.  No resurfacing can take years of pots and pans and look good.

Q:  When should I expect additional charges?
A:  Most tubs need little repair work consisting of filling in chips.  A few cracks in the tile surround might need repaired.  Small repairs like this are included in the standard refinishing price.  Lots of repairs, large fiberglass cracks and major rust repairs are when you should expect additional charges, however, these charges are nominal.

Q:  Should I repair my dripping faucet before refinishing?
A:  Yes.  Any leaks or dripping fixtures must be repaired before resurfacing.

Q:  I hear this process comes with a lot of fumes…
A:  There is an additive we use that helps but the process is still somewhat smelly.  If it is possible, we always use a ventilation fan.  From time to time this is not possible and it definitely affects how strong the smell is.  Honestly, if the ventilation fan can be used it really isn’t that bad.  Some customers don’t notice at all and the strong part of the smell is gone within an hour.

Q:  What should I remove from the room?
A:  Obviously any items on the surface to be refinished.  Everything gets covered in plastic to protect from dust.  If your not sure then it usually just takes a minute to remove items before we get started.

Q:  How long should I wait before I use my bathtub?
A:  In most cases, it is possible to use your tub after 24 hours.  Due to variations in temperature and humidity we prefer all customers allow 48 hours before using their newly refinished surface.

Q:  What is your warranty?
 No matter the job you have 90 days of absolute satisfaction guaranteed.  All jobs come with an industry standard 5 year guarantee on workmanship.  …read more here.

Q:  Where can I find more info on refinishing?
 Here is an article recently written by us that goes into more detail about the tub refinishing process. It can be found here: Bathtub Refinishing and Reglazing


 More questions?  Call or use the contact form.