What Is The Best Do-It-Yourself Bathtub Refinishing Kit?

Best Bathtub Refinishing Kit

There are quite a few do-it-yourself bathtub refinishing kits out on the market.  The ones found at home improvement stores seem to have the worst adhesion properties and we are constantly stripping bathtubs that have been refinished with these coatings by home-owners.  Many home owners choose to refinish their hard to clean bathtubs instead of removing the tub due to destroying the tile surrounding the bathtub.  When it comes to bathtub refinishing products, what is even more important than the quality of the product itself is the preparation of the  bathtub.  The tub must be thoroughly cleaned and all oils, soap scum and silicone must be removed if the product is to have a chance at adhering.  DIY bathtub refinishing  kits do have the ability to produce a good final result if the bathtub surfaces are de-contaminated and the kit instructions are followed.  One thing to keep in mind is that bathtub refinishing products release dangerous fumes, meaning proper ventilation and a organic vapor respirator are necessary.  Other personal protection must be used as well including safety glasses and chemically resistant gloves.  Here are the two top-selling and highest reviewed do-it-yourself bathtub refinishing kits.  More information on how to refinish a bathtub can be found at the link on the bottom of the page.

#1 AquaFinish Bathtub and Tile Refinishing Kit

AquaFinish Bathtub and Tile Refinishing KitAquaFinish Bathtub and Tile Refinishing KitCHECK PRICE

AquaFinish Bathtub and Tile Refinishing Kit - Reviews from Amazon.com
“This stuff is easy to use and you would be amazed out how durable it is, its very glossy and looks just like a regular tub, my tub is around 50 years old and cool style so to make it glossy again it really freshened up my bathtub with out spending $3500 was the estimate. so for $75 I bought this kit, which is a much better coating than the cheaper ones, and has a lot more necessary things that you will need to make it come out better. I think I did good by buying the better kit I don’t think the experience would have been as pleasant for me if I had to run around and buy all the things that they put in the kit. And the better coating lays down better, I used the cheap kit on my sisters rent house and its harder to use and frustrating, the roller keep screwing up on me. This is the best cheapest way right here to do it.”  Tom

“I was surprised that it came out as good as it did. It was pretty easy too. I got a few small runs around the back curve of the tub but was able to smooth them out. If you have a little patience you can do this. There is a video on YouTube that they have that shows all the steps(cleaning, covering up the drain, rolling on first coat, etc.) The results is a nice looking new tub.”  Peter


#2 ArmorPoxy Bathtub Refinishing Kit For Dummies

Bath, Sink & Tile Epoxy Refinishing Kit For DummiesBath, Sink & Tile Epoxy Refinishing Kit For DummiesCHECK PRICE

 ArmorPoxy Bathtub Refinishing Kit For Dummies - Reviews from Amazon.com
 “I have to say this stuff worked better than I thought. After 30+ years of hard water stains, about 1/3 of my tub was black. I followed the instructions completely and it looks great. I would not hesitate to recommend this product to anyone. It has been a few months and there are no signs of wear. A few things to note:

1. you will need a respirator style mask the fumes are bad while applying it.
2. you have to watch the runs if you put it on too thick (I got runs but it’s so bright you can’t really see them.
3. you can’t get it wet for 5 days once finished (minor problem if it is your only shower)

Knowing these thing going in, this should be a fairly simple project with great results. Much, much easier than replacing the tub.”  J. Goulooze

“I rated this seller earlier and was amazed with the speed of the order as it was sitting outside my door the next morning. Well my husband used this product this weekend. It has many steps to follow and it is a lot of work and time consuming and be prepared to make a small amount of room in your freezer for overnight storage of brush and small can of material- BUT if you follow the steps, you will be able to do the job yourself and have great results! You must make arrangements for at least 6 days to shower elsewhere. We did not want to replace our tub as it is in great shape and is absolutely huge (from the days people like to soak their entire body without being cramped up)The only problem was the flesh pink color I really do not like. But not now as it is a gleaming white tub we are very pleased. We saved a bunch of money not having to replace the tub!!! Now I can spend it on new tile. You only invest a small amount of cash and some sweat equity. Excellent “Dummy” job.”  Zinclady


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