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How Much Does Bathtub Refinishing Cost?

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Edmond Bathtub Refinishing - Edmond, OK - Refinished Historical Tub

How much bathtub refinishing costs depends on the area you live in.  Typically you are looking at between $350 to $600 dollars to refinish a standard bathtub that doesn’t need a large amount of repair.

You may be able to find a re-finisher who charges substantially less, however, this should raise a red flag and prompt you to ask more questions.

The only way to be able to charge less for refinishing tubs is by using cheaper products and by cutting corners during the prep and product reduction phase.

The absolute Ferrari of bathtub refinishing products can be found at Hawk Research Labs in Illinois.  You must be a professional re-finisher to order products from Hawk and they are expensive but worth every dime in the short and long run.


Questions to ask cheap re-finishers would be:  Where do you get your bathtub refinishing product from?  How many jobs does the technician you are sending me do in a day? (if it’s two then place your bets that you are either:

a) getting a really fast, top quality re-finisher or

b) you are getting someone who is scheduled 2 jobs per day and must use as many shortcuts as possible to get the jobs done.  Hint:  If you are asked if you would like a morning or afternoon appointment the red flag alarm should go off).

Many companies have launched with the business plan of advertising and hiring a few technicians off of Craigslist.  It would be a good idea to ask how long the technicians have been with the company.

This matters more than how long the company has been in business.  Here are typical bathtub refinishing costs for Oklahoma City.  Click here to read more on DIY Bathtub Refinishing.


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