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How To Remove Stubborn Bathtub Stains?

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how to remove stubborn bathtub stains

First, know that strong acids can discolor some chrome, but definitely all oil-rubbed bronze fixtures.  I would not recommend using Lime-Away on these drains, overflows, and fixtures before reading the label and making that decision for yourself.

I would feel safer using the BarKeepers Friend as it has yet to patina any chrome fixtures I have cleaned with it (use at your own discretion).

Lime-Away works great to spray on the stained floors of tubs and let soak for 30 minutes to remove mineral deposits and soap scum.  Making a paste out of  BarKeepers Friend and letting it soak for 30 minutes does wonders for stains on bathtub floors.

Scrub the paste all over the bathtub with a scrubby sponge and let sit for a while before scrubbing again and then rinsing.  Never mix cleaning chemicals.

Barkeepers Friend also helps to loosen and remove rust stains and you can try the above procedure to lift those stains.  If your tub is already etched and losing its shiny appearance you can speed up the cleaning process using a green 3M Scotchbrite pad.

This abrasive pad would not be advised if your bathtub was in a great, shiny condition.  Use BarKeepers Friend for all of your bathtubs, shower and tile cleaning needs on a regular basis and you will greatly cut down on soap scum, even soap scum that you can’t see.

The problem with an etched bathtub is that, within a short time after cleaning, it will begin to look dirty again.  When this is the case your only resolve is to either deal with it, replace it or refinish it.

Either do-it-yourself bathtub refinishing kits or professional refinishing can give your tub that shiny new appearance and make it much easier to clean and stay clean.  Do you also how have mold/mildew on your caulk or grout lines?

Read more about the best cleaner for removing mold and mildew from caulk and grout here.

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